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The Spirit of Penny Weber

I often paints large canvases in the outdoor environment. I choose to work mostly in Photoshop with my new Wacom tablet!  Read more about me in my About bio !

What others have said about my work

Porsha Hodge author Cocoa Delight and her Chocolate Chip Tears

The journey of creating my first book with Penny was nothing less than an awesome joy ride. We worked with one another for almost over a year creating and perfecting my first children’s book, Cocoa Delight and Here Chocolate Chip Tears. From my initial introduction of her by one of my editors, she was kind, patient, and easy to work with. She always took my feedback and was able to implement my vision for both my characters and the front cover (which is the most important part). She is flexible with her time and always willing to take constructive criticism of her work, which I think is absolutely phenomenal. She is resourceful with sharing her knowledge and connecting you with those who can help you with additional needs you may have outside of illustrations, etc. I look forward to working with Penny in the future and would definitely recommend her to others for her services.

Pamela Bell

I am the author of “The Bailey Triplets“ children’s book series. To date, Penny has beautifully illustrated six of my eleven stories in the series. I originally hired someone else and was very disappointed after hoping for satisfaction for more than a year. Then I found Penny and she was a dream come true. She is extremely talented, but more than that, she is professional, she listens, is patient and has an uncanny ability to bring words to life that perfectly fit the story and the characters. Because of her artwork and knowledge, I have never looked back, as she has made my Bailey Triplets and their adventures better than I could have ever hoped for. 

Katina Currin

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Penny as my children's book illustrator! We actually made contact in early 2019 about 4:0'clock am when I was seeking out an illustrator for my first children's book. She was a God send to say the least. 

Penny is very meticulous about her work and it gives me great pleasure that she's not happy until I'm happy! We recently worked very well together on my second book, and I'm excited to see what she'll produce with books three and four in the spring!

Gino Perfetti Free Spirit Publishing

“Penny’s art does such an amazing job in bringing our new series to life. The emotion and feeling she captures in her art adds so much to the books. She is such a joy to work with and goes out of her way to make sure you are happy from sketches to final color artwork. “

KT Walker

After writing a children’s book I looked for an illustrator who would make pictures that would further engage the reader. After seeing Penny’s artwork I reached out. She not only listened to my requests but applied them along with her unique style. The illustrations turned out charming, humorous and refreshing. I highly recommend Penny Weber!

Mike Russell

Penny Weber is an amazing illustrator ! A quick review of her varied portfolio is all it takes to see her talent. She will bring your project to life just as she did so well with THE AMAZING LOLA. Best of all, Penny's so easy to work with, listens carefully, hits your deadlines and can partner with you to make your finished product all you hoped it would be...and more ! I highly recommend !

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