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I am a full time artist and illustrator from Long Island, New York, where I lived all of my life. I work both digitally and traditionally in acrylics and watercolors. I attended classes at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

Over the years I have worked in residential murals, greeting cards, and I still offer portraits, caricatures and pet portraits to independent clients.


I have worked as a professional illustrator in the children’s market since 2007 when I signed on to work with Wendy Mays and Janice Onken from WendyLynn & Company. I am represented by them.

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Since then I have worked on many projects for both the educational and trade market.  I have illustrated many books, including Chris P. Bacon series for Hay House Publishers.

I paint my illustrations traditionally and now, most often,digitally. Working digitally helps me to work faster while maintaining the quality product I am used to providing. I love my Mac and Wacom tablet! Deadlines are never missed now that I’ve perfected my digital illustration. 

My specialty is drawing and painting people and animals. As a kid I was obsessed with drawing faces of celebrities, sports figures, family members and neighbor’s pets. Now I am paid to do it and sometimes I still cannot believe my luck. I would be so happy to work on your project!

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As a professional illustrator since 2007, I have worked both traditionally and digitally. Lately I choose to work mostly in Photoshop with my new Wacom tablet!  I live in Holbrook on Long Island, New York with my husband, three kids and one very fat cat, Tiger. Thank you so much for looking!

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